Our Artists

Tamir Lavee

My passion for expressing myself through art began when I was a young boy growing up in Kibbutz Neot Smadar, known for its desert ecology innovations and unique way of life. The meeting with the natural world in my long journey in South America two years ago took me to levels I did not encounter before, and it was there that I traveled to the heart of consciousness and the understanding of myself as an integral part of nature, developing a deep love to creating with nature itself. I learned how to create art through deeply observing nature and the stories it tells.To see a forest and its trees and understand how they can turn into beautiful creations.

When coming back home my focus turned into Israeli palm trees. When ripe, the part that envelopes the fruit naturally falls on the ground. After collecting it I immerse it in hot water or a steam oven, and by bending them I create forms and shapes that emphasize their unique beauty. I then dry them in the sun, smooth their surface, and coat them with oil or varnish, creating practical art that people can enjoy in their daily life - a shelf, a lantern, a fruit serving dish, and whatever my customers and I discover in the process. 

Nancy Katz

I was born in Rosario, Argentina. When I was 19 years old I made a trip through South America, discovering cultures and traditional arts, falling in love with the Amazon jungle. I lived for 3 years in a local community in Brazil, learning about seeds and how they can be used for handicrafts, jewelry and arts. It was in the Amazon that I heard for the first time about sustainable development, and became part of a project that re-valued traditional knowledge and arts created of  the raw materials of the forest. Over the last 10 years I combined academic studies and field experiences, looking for the meanings and perspectives of sustainable development in schools and rural communities. I completed my B.A. at David Yellin College for Education in 2012 and my M.A.in the Porter School of Environmental Studies, University of Tel Aviv, in 2015. As an educator, I work in the implementation of holistic environmental innovations in the primary schools. As an artist, I design fine jewelry from natural materials. My vision is to continue creating a partnership with local artists from rural and local communities, to strengthen with them the meaning of community work, to integrate traditional arts with the sustainable practices for the reforestation of tree species and plants, and to enable artists to have higher incomes from the beauty they create.