Our Demonstration Farm

Hava & Adam Ecological Educational Farm is spread over 10 Hectares in a beautiful valley between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Eco Strategies cooperated with Hava & Adam to create a one hectare demonstration and training plot aimed at small farmers.

Our demonstration farm is based on the principles of sustainable high value agriculture we use in our projects. From producing diverse quality crops and high yields, to combining the use of modern low cost technologies with local resources, we maintain self-sustainability by locally selling our produce, existing in harmony with the surrounding natural environment at the same time. 

In the farm we offer courses and train Israeli and international students who aim to set up their ecological farming enterprises or would like to turn their already existing farms into environmentally friendly thriving businesses. With our students we make decisions on not only the kind of crops we grow but also on how to keep developing and upgrading the farm. 

You are INVITED to come visit us, see how we work, join our trainees, take a look at the technologies for small farmers we have on display and our precision agriculture capabilities, and have lunch made from our own crops with us.