Our Interns

Kathleen Kouns

Kathleen internship is dedicated to donor relations expert as she is pursuing her Masters of Public Health in Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University.

Kathleen’s professional experience includes working with recovery initiatives in Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, and holding a position as the Senior Editor and Project Researcher for a prominent technology research firm in Boston, Massachusetts. In the last five years she managed small independent businesses within the tourism and food-service industries in the United States and North Africa. Kathleen’s experience with business relations has provided her with a keen insight regarding team leadership, international relations and business management.

Kathleen completed her Masters of Arts in Biblical Theology from Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and received her Bachelors of Arts in International Business at North Greenville University. Kathleen has spent extensive time volunteering in Central America, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. Her volunteer work primarily focused on humanitarian relief efforts, business management, and faith-based ministries and outreach.