The courses and training we offer are based on multiple teaching methodologies adjusted to our partners' needs and preferences, the full involvement of participants, and mutual sharing of knowledge and best practices.
We specialize in the Train-the-Trainers approach, enabling an effective dissemination of knowledge, the creation of professional networks, and the empowerment of communities.

Our Training and Courses

  • Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture: Principles and Implementation [Read More]
  • Permaculture Design Course [Read More]
  • Irrigation Systems and Management
  • Agroforestry, Foodforests, and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Watershed Management & Water Harvesting Systems
  • Soil Conservation and Fertility
  • Multi-Cropping and Inter-Cropping: Design and implementation
  • Pest Management
  • Post-harvesting Systems & Practices
  • Commercialization of Agricultural Products
  • Entrepreneurship in the Agricultural Sector: Agritech and Agrotourism
  • Sustainability and Culture: Integrating Cultural Values and Heritage into Sustainable Agriculture Projects
  • Sustainable Agriculture Across Boundaries: Global trends and the UN SDGs
  • Sustainable Development and Conservation Planning