About Us

Who We Are

Eco Strategies is an Israel-based organization collaborating with local and international partners to translate environmental global strategies and national policies into projects on the ground. Our two main foci are sustainable high-value agriculture demonstration & training farms for professionals working with small-scale farmers and an Integrated Climate Crisis Data Fusion and Operations Center (CC FORCE).

Multidisciplinary capacity building is at the core of our regional agricultural Centers of Excellence and demonstration & training farms. We strive for transformation, growing a new generation of experts for the future of food and nutritional security and environmental sustainability.

We specialize in integrating environmentally friendly and climate-smart agricultural knowledge and techniques with high-value crops, affordable cutting-edge technologies and digital platforms, nature-based solutions, and local traditions and resources to significantly enhance farmers' yields and increase their incomes. Our multidisciplinary team of experts, experienced in projects spanning Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, is highly capable of customizing innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to local conditions and challenges.

Based on Train-the-Trainer and capacity-strengthening methodologies created together with local experts, graduates of our programs enable large numbers of farmers to transition from subsistence farming to sustainable commercial and semi-commercial enterprises, as well as create their own sustainable and profitable small to medium-scale farms..

Our partners consist of research institutions, ministries of agriculture and environment, regional governments, NGOs, farmers' cooperatives, the private sector, local entrepreneurs, funding organizations, and the Israeli agricultural 'eco-system'.

Communities as a whole are provided with economic, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the spirit of the UN SDGs. Practical professional workshops display how different aspects of agriculture and nature conservation can serve to create and enlarge incomes. 

Our one-hectare demonstration and training farm in Israel, located in a valley between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is based on the principles of sustainable high-value agriculture and the agroecological and regenerative methods we apply in our international projects. The farm serves as a regional hub for professional courses and workshops and includes commercial and research plots, a variety of agricultural infrastructures, a technology display, a seedlings nursery, and an agricultural input shop. Produce is sold to local communities, restaurants, and organic markets.

The CC FORCE project, currently at the proposal stage, is based on the integration of a prominent and accessible global operations center with an advanced digital knowledge platform, capturing the emergency nature of the climate crisis and its short and long-term impact. Manned by experts and supported by networks of professionals, the CC FORCE will be responsible for collecting, integrating, analyzing, displaying, monitoring, alerting, and disseminating fused climate change-related data with recommendations and solutions tailored to decision-makers and stakeholders at all levels.

Our Model and Strategy

Our Model

The highly productive and environmentally friendly farms we help create and redesign:

  • Focus on affordable and proven technologies and techniques that enable small-scale farmers to increase the quantity of yields and quality of crops in short time frames
  • Integrate and introduce high-value crops with traditional ones, herbs, and medicinal plants suited to local conditions
  • Rely on biological diversity through inter- and multi-cropping and provide food and nutritional security to farmers and markets
  • Enhance resilience to climate challenges and changes
  • Optimally utilize, integrate, and recycle resources, water, and renewable energies
  • Enable  the conservation and rehabilitation of soils and the surrounding natural ecosystems
  • Serve as a building block in the creation of strong and resilient agricultural cooperatives and communities

Our Strategy

To ensure the long-term success of our projects we:

  • Fully transfer our knowledge to the teams of professionals and model farmers we work with.
  • Design and implement with our local co-trainers and training participants low-cost, easy to maintain, and replicable model farms at the community levels
  • Provide small-scale farmer extension services through our course graduates and in cooperation with existing extension programs
  • Create satellite Model Farms at the community level and work with the farmers that created them
  • Conduct detailed surveys and analyses of the entire agricultural value chain at the regional, national, and global levels
  • Engage in extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders at every phase
  • Create close partnerships with local organizations and entrepreneurs
  • Closely collaborate with a network of Israeli and international partner organizations
  • Conduct entrepreneurship, business management, agritourism, nature-based crafts, and practical agricultural workshops, enabling the creation of income-generating businesses that thrive side by side with farming
  • Assist in creating networks of experts and farmers that continuously share expertise and advice.
  • Integrate financial strategies and business models to enable sustainable farmers’ incomes.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the social and cultural factors influencing the success of the project
  • Ensure the significant participation of women and youth
  • Conduct long-term follow-up with on-site consulting and off-site guidance
  • The centers aim to be economically independent based on their combined activities

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