Our Artists

Laura Miryam

My deep connection to nature led me to explore the field of natural color and botanical print. I use methodologies based on the beauty of nature, integrated with the restoration of ancient crafts. Inspired by the Innovative work of India Flint and the courses I took in botany and biochemistry as I was studying for my B.Sc. in Nutrition Science, I began researching and investigating local plants In the north and center of Israel, locating the ones natural dyes can be produced from. My journey included consulting with experts from ecological farms and gardens on how to best grow dye color plants.  

I work on soft and natural fabrics, using bark, leaves, and flowers that I gather in the fields near my house or grow in my garden. I design and create wearable and decorative products sold in Israel and abroad. I pass on my knowledge in workshops that enable participants to make their own creations. 

Delio Leite

I am an architect and an artist from the island of Santo Antão in the Cape Verde Archipelago. I studied architecture at ULHT (Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias) in Lisbon and worked with architects Euclides Vilela and José Costa Pina during my 11 years in the city. I returned home 7 years ago and have been working as an independent architect since.

In 2016 I began channeling my love of art toward mural and wall paintings, working on the islands of Boavista, Santiago, São Vicente, and Santo Antão. For me, murals provide an opportunity to apply my knowledge of architecture, geometry, color, environment, and space to beautify public spaces and reflect the unique local essence and culture.

I discovered that when I create murals I cherish the interactions that are part of the process. When collaborating with the local community to generate ideas and paint together, the painting becomes an enriching experience that instills a sense of ownership for the message of the mural, inspiring positive change. I especially love working in rural areas and bringing joy to the children with which and for whom I often create.

Recently, I ventured into the realm of stained glass paintings in churches. My two most recent works are in Mindelo ((Igreja Nossa Senhora da Luz) and Praia (Igreja de Vila Nova).


Tamir Lavee

My passion for expressing myself through art began when I was growing up in Kibbutz Neot Smadar in southern Israel, known for its desert ecology innovations and unique way of life. The meeting with the natural world in my journey in South America four years ago took me to emotional spaces I encountered for the first time, and it was there that I traveled to the heart of consciousness and the understanding of myself as an integral part of nature, developing a deep love to creating with nature itself. I began to create art by observing the stories nature around me tells, seeing a forest and its trees and understand how they can turn into beautiful art creations. 

When coming back to Israel my focus turned to palm trees. When ripe, the part that envelopes the fruit naturally falls on the ground. After collecting it I immerse it in hot water and then create forms and shapes that emphasize its unique beauty. I then dry it in the sun, smooth its surface, and coat it with oil or varnish, creating practical pieces of art - a shelf, a lantern, a fruit serving dish, and whatever my customers and I discover together in the process. 

Nancy Katz

I was born in Rosario, Argentina. When I was 19 I journeyed through South America, discovering cultures and traditional arts, falling in love with the Amazon jungle. I lived for 3 years with a local community in Brazil, learning about seeds and how they can be used for handicrafts, jewelry, and practical arts. It was there that I heard for the first time about sustainable development and became part of a project that re-valued traditional knowledge and arts created from the raw materials of the forest.

Over the last 10 years, living in Israel, I combined academic studies with more field experiences, looking for the meanings and perspectives of sustainable development in schools and rural communities. I completed my B.A. at David Yellin College for Education in 2012 and my M.A. at the Porter School of Environmental Studies, University of Tel Aviv. As an educator, I work in the implementation of holistic environmental innovations in primary schools and teach sustainable development in Mashav courses. As an artist, I design jewelry from natural materials and continue to work in partnerships with Brazilian artists from rural communities, strengthening with them the meaning of community work, integrating traditional arts with sustainable practices of forest conservation, and enabling them to increase their incomes from the beauty they create.