Our Model and Strategy

Our Model

The highly productive and environmentally friendly farms we help create and redesign:

  • Focus on affordable and proven technologies and techniques that enable small-scale farmers to increase the quantity of yields and quality of crops in short time frames
  • Integrate and introduce high-value crops, herbs, and medicinal plants suited to local conditions
  • Rely on biological diversity and provide food and nutritional security to farmers, communities, and markets
  • Enhance resilience to climate challenges and changes
  • Optimally utilize, integrate, and recycle resources, water, and renewable energies
  • Enable the conservation and rehabilitation of soils and the surrounding natural ecosystems
  • Serve as a building block in the creation of strong and resilient agricultural cooperatives and communities

Our Strategy

To ensure the long-term success of our projects we:

  • Fully transfer our knowledge to the teams of professionals and model farmers we work with
  • Design and implement with our local co-trainers and training participants low-cost, easy to maintain, and replicable model farms at the community levels
  • Conduct detailed surveys and analyses of the entire agricultural value chain at the regional, national, and global levels 
  • Engage in extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders at every phase 
  • Create close partnerships with local organizations and entrepreneurs
  • Closely collaborate with a network of Israeli and international partner organizations
  • Conduct entrepreneurship, business management, agritourism, nature-based crafts, and practical agricultural workshops enabling the creation of income-generating businesses that thrive side by side with farming
  • Assist in creating networks and digital platforms of experts and farmers that continuously share expertise and advice.
  • Integrate financial strategies and business models to enable a sustainable increase in farmers’ incomes.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the social and cultural factors influencing the success of the project 
  • Ensure the significant participation of women and youth
  • Conduct long-term follow-up with on-site consulting and off-site guidance