Hava & Adam Ecological Educational Farm is spread over 10 Hectares in a beautiful valley near the town of Modiin, a 30 minutes drive from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Within this complex, Eco Strategies cooperated with Hava & Adam to create a one hectare demonstration farm is aimed at small farmers.
The demonstration farm is based on the principles of sustainable agriculture. We produce diverse crops and high yields, combining the use of modern low cost technologies with local resources, and existing in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.
In the farm we put training into practice with Israeli and international trainees who aim to set up their farming enterprises or would like to turn their already existing farms into environmentally friendly thriving businesses.
You are INVITED to come visit Hava & Adam, see how we work, take a look at the technologies for small farmers we have on display, and have a tasty and healthy lunch with us.