About Us

Eco strategies assists and trains small and medium scale farmers, their communities and their governments in designing, planning, and implementing climate smart, environmentally sustainable, and highly productive agricultural systems. In our work we integrate cutting-edge agroecological techniques, low cost modern technologies, and local knowledge.

Our Israeli team has extensive field experience in customizing innovative, adaptive, and quick solutions with our partners for a variety of eco-systems and climates, relying on local resources and partners. Together with a web of experts and trainers from around the world, we set up project teams tailored to national and regional visions and plans as well and our customers' needs on the ground. 

The agricultural systems we help create:

  • Enable the integration of high value crops, herbs, and medicinal plants suited to local conditions.
  • Provide food and nutritional security, increase biological diversity, and enhance resiliency to extreme weather events and climate change.
  • Enable farmers to move from subsistence farming to commercial and semi-commercial enterprises reaching suitable domestic and global markets.
  • Help conserve traditional knowledge and best practices.
  • Increase incomes and improve livelihoods.

We enable smallholdrs reach these outcomes by following the principles of redesigning farms to optimally use elements of their existing eco-systems, harvesting and recycling water, increasing the crops' biological diversity, multi-cropping, optimizing short, medium, and long-term yields in tandem, re-valuing and re-branding local crops, herbs and medicinal plants, creating optimal synergies between the system's components, minimizing waste, using renewable energy resources, and integrating continuous feedback cycles. 

Our strategy to ensure the long-term success of our projects is based on:

  • Designing and implementing with our partners self-sustaining, easy to maintain, and replicable agricultural systems.
  • Conducting extensive consultations on the entire value-chain with all relevant stakeholders
  • Conducting in-depth analyses of the local farms and the eco-systems around them.
  • Transferring our knowledge to the individuals and communities we work with using train-the-trainer methodologies, centers of excellence, and comprehensive data bases.
  • Helping create networks of farmers and experts that support and complement each other by continuously sharing expertise and lessons learned.
  • Providing detailed surveys and analyses of food production and marketing systems at the regional, national, and international levels prior to implementation.
  • Conducting pre- and post project comparative studies of agronomic, social, and cultural performance indicators. 
  • Partnering with local organizations and entrepreneurs.